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Suprasil 590 E Acetic-acid curing, silicone-based sealant 310

Fields of application
● Sealing joints and connecting joints in sanitary areas, glass and window construction and in metal construction.
● Suprasil 590 E is not suitable for aquarium construction, for use on marble/natural stone, bitumen substrates, untreated (non-primed) metallic substrates, untreated (non-primed) absorbent substrates as well as in areas with direct contact to food.
● Not EPDM suitable.
● Not suitable for use on plastics (e.g. PE, PP, and PTFE) on which silicone generally has bad adhesion as well as for surface bonding.
● Not suitable for use on treated glass,special metal-reinforced glass or laminated safety glass.

● Good adhesion to glass, ceramics, enamel*.
● Permanently elastic
● Good resistance to water and weather
● Resistant to extremes of heat and cold
● Excellent ageing resistance
● Good UV resistance
● Fire Classification (EN 13501) – Class E

Properties of Suprasil 590 E
Base : Acetic-acid curing silicone rubber
Specific weight : 0.96 ± 0.04 g/cm³
Consistency : Pasty, stable
Processing temperature (sealant and surface) : +5°C to +35°C
Skinning time : approx. 15 min (20°C/50 % rel. air humidity)
Curing rate : approx. 2.5 mm in the first 24 hours (20°C/50% relative air humidity)


OMR 1.250