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Key Features

  • Heavy duty multi-purpose contact spray adhesive
  • Strong, flexible bond
  • Easy to use with precise positioning capability
  • Adjustable spray pattern minimises overspray
  • Coverage approximately 3–5m2
  • Non-chlorinated
SA-90 heavy-duty multi-purpose contact spray adhesive is a superior adhesive with flexible repositioning capability, providing right first time results. Delivers a powerful, permanent bond with a very smooth and professional appearance. The aerosol ensures easy application easy with an adjustable spray pattern to help minimise overspray. Highly economical: coverage area approx. 3-5m2.


OMR 4.400 
KLEIBERIT 566 Construction adhesive based on polyurethane 300ML
Assembly Adhesive
Fields of application
● Bonding of metal supports for double-layer floorings
● Bonding of metals, lacquered sheet metals, wood, plastics, natural stone, ceramics, clinker, brickwork, concrete etc.
● Bonding in shipbuilding KLEIBERIT 566 complies with IMO FTPC Part 5 & Part 2
● Certified application quantity: 120 g/m²
● Single-component system - no mixing
● Paintable with usual lacquer systems
● Non-corrosive
● Restraining effect on vibration
● Permanent elasticity
● Fire resistance (EN 13501) – class E
Properties of the product
Base : polyurethane
Density at 20 °C :
Black : 1.15 ± 0.05 g/cm³
Other colours : 1.18 ± 0.05 g/cm³
Colours : grey, black, white
Consistency : pasty
Skinning time : approx. 1 hour (depending on surrounding climate)


OMR 2.000 
Suprafix 126 High viscous single-component assembly adhesive 350
Assembly Adhesive
Fields of application
● Window sills, protective strips, wall panelling, panels, plastic laminates
● Tiles, metal sheets, hard foams (except polystyrene), fibrous cement and many other plastics to absorbent substrates, such as brickwork, concrete, gypsum and lime
● Temperature resistant from -20°C to +70°C, depending on material
● Final bond strength is already achieved after approx. 24 hours

● Easy and fast processing out of the cartridge
● Gap-filling - also suitable for surfaces which are not entirely even
● Economical consumption due to single-sided application in bead form
● High initial strength
● No tendency to embrittlement

Properties of adhesive
Base : polychloroprene
Specific gravity : approx. 1.13 g/cm³
Solids content : approx. 54%
Colour : light yellow
Consistency : highly viscous paste, may be trowelled
Open time : 3-5 minutes, depending on thickness of bead applied



OMR 1.800 
KLEIBERIT STP Assembly Adhesives MOD: 600 300 GRM/300ML
Assembly Adhesive
Adhesives based on silane-terminated
polymers (STP adhesives) create highly
resilient construction joints and have
become increasingly popular. The wide
range of use and excellent processing
properties make this adhesive technology
a true all-rounder. STP adhesives
are used for assembly and sealing
● numerous applications on various
● good wet tack
● solvent-free
● can be painted over
● very high green strength
● permanently elastic
● exceptional resistance against
weather and UV light
● fast and bubble-free curing
 KLEIBERIT 600.0 are two universal, permanently elastic and fast setting assembly adhesives for interior and exterior use. These 1 component systems cure with humidity and offer a wide range of adhesion.
● good wet tack
● UV, ageing and weather resistance
● free from solvents
● wide range of adhesion
● can be painted over
● permanently elastic

KLEIBERIT 600.0 transparent

Skinning time (at 20°C & 50% RH) 25 ± 10 Minutes
Specific gravity 1.01 g/cm³
Colour transparent
Hardness Shore A approx. 40
Tensile strength approx. 1.5 N/mm²
Elongation approx. 150 - 200%



OMR 3.500