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Suprasil 590 E Acetic-acid curing, silicone-based sealant 310

Fields of application
● Sealing joints and connecting joints in sanitary areas, glass and window construction and in metal construction.
● Suprasil 590 E is not suitable for aquarium construction, for use on marble/natural stone, bitumen substrates, untreated (non-primed) metallic substrates, untreated (non-primed) absorbent substrates as well as in areas with direct contact to food.
● Not EPDM suitable.
● Not suitable for use on plastics (e.g. PE, PP, and PTFE) on which silicone generally has bad adhesion as well as for surface bonding.
● Not suitable for use on treated glass,special metal-reinforced glass or laminated safety glass.

● Good adhesion to glass, ceramics, enamel*.
● Permanently elastic
● Good resistance to water and weather
● Resistant to extremes of heat and cold
● Excellent ageing resistance
● Good UV resistance
● Fire Classification (EN 13501) – Class E

Properties of Suprasil 590 E
Base : Acetic-acid curing silicone rubber
Specific weight : 0.96 ± 0.04 g/cm³
Consistency : Pasty, stable
Processing temperature (sealant and surface) : +5°C to +35°C
Skinning time : approx. 15 min (20°C/50 % rel. air humidity)
Curing rate : approx. 2.5 mm in the first 24 hours (20°C/50% relative air humidity)


OMR 1.250 
KLEIBERIT 566 Construction adhesive based on polyurethane 300ML
Assembly Adhesive
Fields of application
● Bonding of metal supports for double-layer floorings
● Bonding of metals, lacquered sheet metals, wood, plastics, natural stone, ceramics, clinker, brickwork, concrete etc.
● Bonding in shipbuilding KLEIBERIT 566 complies with IMO FTPC Part 5 & Part 2
● Certified application quantity: 120 g/m²
● Single-component system - no mixing
● Paintable with usual lacquer systems
● Non-corrosive
● Restraining effect on vibration
● Permanent elasticity
● Fire resistance (EN 13501) – class E
Properties of the product
Base : polyurethane
Density at 20 °C :
Black : 1.15 ± 0.05 g/cm³
Other colours : 1.18 ± 0.05 g/cm³
Colours : grey, black, white
Consistency : pasty
Skinning time : approx. 1 hour (depending on surrounding climate)


OMR 2.000 
Suprafix 126 High viscous single-component assembly adhesive 350
Assembly Adhesive
Fields of application
● Window sills, protective strips, wall panelling, panels, plastic laminates
● Tiles, metal sheets, hard foams (except polystyrene), fibrous cement and many other plastics to absorbent substrates, such as brickwork, concrete, gypsum and lime
● Temperature resistant from -20°C to +70°C, depending on material
● Final bond strength is already achieved after approx. 24 hours

● Easy and fast processing out of the cartridge
● Gap-filling - also suitable for surfaces which are not entirely even
● Economical consumption due to single-sided application in bead form
● High initial strength
● No tendency to embrittlement

Properties of adhesive
Base : polychloroprene
Specific gravity : approx. 1.13 g/cm³
Solids content : approx. 54%
Colour : light yellow
Consistency : highly viscous paste, may be trowelled
Open time : 3-5 minutes, depending on thickness of bead applied



OMR 1.800 
KLEIBERIT STP Assembly Adhesives MOD: 600 300 GRM/300ML
Assembly Adhesive
Adhesives based on silane-terminated
polymers (STP adhesives) create highly
resilient construction joints and have
become increasingly popular. The wide
range of use and excellent processing
properties make this adhesive technology
a true all-rounder. STP adhesives
are used for assembly and sealing
● numerous applications on various
● good wet tack
● solvent-free
● can be painted over
● very high green strength
● permanently elastic
● exceptional resistance against
weather and UV light
● fast and bubble-free curing
 KLEIBERIT 600.0 are two universal, permanently elastic and fast setting assembly adhesives for interior and exterior use. These 1 component systems cure with humidity and offer a wide range of adhesion.
● good wet tack
● UV, ageing and weather resistance
● free from solvents
● wide range of adhesion
● can be painted over
● permanently elastic

KLEIBERIT 600.0 transparent

Skinning time (at 20°C & 50% RH) 25 ± 10 Minutes
Specific gravity 1.01 g/cm³
Colour transparent
Hardness Shore A approx. 40
Tensile strength approx. 1.5 N/mm²
Elongation approx. 150 - 200%



OMR 3.500 
Hotmelt Adhesive 779.6 Thermoplastic synthetic resin adhesive 2
EVA Hot melt for Edge banding
Fields of application Wrapping of
● Thick laminates Edge banding of
● Polyester edges
● Melamine resin edges
● PVC, PP and ABS edges with pre-treated backs
● Uncompressed resin-impregnated paper edge bandings
● Solid wood and veneer edges
● Universally applicable
● Good melting properties
● Suitable for pre-coating of edges
Properties of the adhesive
Base : EVA-Copolymers
Specific weight : approx. 1.38 g/cm³
Viscosity (Brookfield
HBTD) sp. 27/10 tr/mn :
at 180°C 130,000 ± 22,000 mPas
at 200°C 80,000 ± 15,000 mPas
Melt index according
to DIN 53 735 (MFI
150/2.16) : 45 ± 15 g/ 10 min.


OMR 45.000 
Supratherm 430.7 One-component laminating adhesive resistant to
Membrane Pressing
Fields of application
● 3D bonding of thermoplastic furniture foils to MDF or other
fine-grained wood-based materials
● Very good spraying properties
● Good activation
● Good temperature resistance up to 90 - 120°C (depending
upon the processing conditions and the profile shape) –
according to an in-house test method
● No mixing required
● Good reactivation properties: reactivation time up to 72
● No pot life as with two component adhesives
Properties of the glue
Base : polyurethane dispersion
Specific weight : approx. 1.1 g/cm³
pH value : approx. 7
Drying time : 30-60 minutes at normal temperature
Product Color Drying Color temp Resistance Temp °C
430.7 white transprent 50°C 120


OMR 42.500 
KLEIBERIT 308.0 Aqueous adhesive for lacquered surfaces 0.5 KGS
Lacquer Surface
Fields of application
Bonding of decorative mouldings, wood and wood based
materials to
● DD-lacquers
● polyester surfaces
● acid-setting lacquers
● water based lacquers
● nitro lacquers
● melamine resin surfaces and decorative laminates
● Single component glue
● No mixing necessary, no pot life problems
● Excellent adhesion without sanding
● Strength values above 10 N/mm² according to DIN EN 205
● Can be processed in pressurized containers
● Good moisture resistance
● Tough-elastic glue film which gives a good tool life
Properties of the glue
Base : synthetic resin dispersion
Specific gravity
at 20°C : approx. 1.0 g/cm³
pH-value : 8.0 ± 0.5
Colour : beige
Consistency : medium viscosity
Viscosity at 20°C
Brookfield RVT, Sp.
6/20 rpm : 13,000 ± 2,500 mPa.s
Open time at 20°C : 6-8 minutes


OMR 3.000 
KLEIBERIT 871.0 Hot Pressing Adhesive 28 KGS
Powder Glue for Veneer Press
Fields of application
● Bonding of Veneers on standard chipboard, non-flammable A2 boards and other wooden materials
● Bonding of Surfaces

● Soluble, bleeding through can be avoided to a large extent
● Long pot life
● Ready for use as soon as mixed with water
● Favourable viscosity for processing
● Suitable for high frequency presses
● Low in Formaldehyd

Properties of the glue powder
Base : urea formaldehyde condensation resin
Delivery form : powder
Colour : white

press temperature °C base time in minutes heating time / veneer thickness
in min. / mm
70 8 2
80 6 2
100 3 1
120 2.5 0.5
OMR 23.000 
KLEIBERIT 347.0 Artificial Resin Dispersion Glue 28 KGS
Window, Doors and Wood Bonding
Fields of application
● Bonding of laminates in a short cycle press ● Bonding of edges (cold bonding or with heated band) ● Assembly bonding and joint bonding ● Bonding of structural components ● Bonding of pilaster strips and ledges ● Post-forming, (see our separate data sheet 347.0 for post-forming) ● Bonding in shipbuilding KLEIBERIT 347.0 according to IMO FTP-Code Part 5 & Part 2/ approval according SeeBG (department vessel security) for international use according to Module B)
Approval No.: 118.286,production year Certified application quantity: 155 g/m²
● Short setting time with cold and hot bonding up to 90°C ● Short open time, the glue is intended for fast press processing ● High yield Properties of the glue
Base : PVAC dispersion Specific weight : approx. 1.08 g/cm³ pH-value : approx. 5
Colour : white, transparent when dry Viscosity at 20ºC
spindle 6/20 rpm : 14.000 +/- 2.000 mPa.s Consistency : high viscosity, good application properties, also with machines Open Time : approx. 3 minutes
Press times :
Application Temp. Press time joint bonding 20°C 3-5 minutes joint bonding one sided 70°C 1-2 minutes pre-heated structural component bonding 20°C 4-5 minutes,
veneer edges bonding 80°C 1-1.5 minutes ledges bonding 20°C 1-3 minutes,
surface bonding (HPL-boards) 20°C 4-5 minutes, surface bonding (HPL-boards)
50°C 1-2 minutes, surface bonding (HPL-boards) 60°C approx. 1 minute


OMR 53.500 
Euro Glue 320.0 Surface Adhesive DIN EN 204 D2
Window, Doors and Wood Bonding
Fields of application
● Assembly bonding ● Veneer bonding ● Bonding of laminates ● Bonding of particle and MDF board ● Core production ● Joint and frame bonding of hard and soft wood
● In bonding of veneers good results are obtained even after use of water based stains and wetting of veneer prior to bonding ● High bonding strength with hard and soft woods ● Favourable open time ● Short setting time with hot and cold bonding
Properties of the glue
Base : PVAC dispersion
Specific gravity : approx. 1.25 g/cm³, pH-value : approx. 7
Viscosity at 20ºC ,sp. 6/20 rpm : 15.000 +/- 2.000 mPa.s
Consistency : medium viscosity, good processing properties
Open Time : approx. 10 minutes
Pressing times:
Application Temp. Press time, Joint bonding 20°C approx. 10 min. Joint bonding, preheated on one side 50°C 3-5 minutes
Frame bonding 20°C 10-12 minutes, Veneer bonding 20°C 10-12 minutes
Veneer bonding 80°C 2-4 minutes, Surface bonding (HPL) 20°C 15-20 minutes
Surface bonding (HPL) 50°C 6-8 minutes


OMR 21.000 
KLEIBERIT 301.2 Water resistant PVAC 28 KGS Glue DIN EN 204
Window, Doors and Wood Bonding
Fields of use
● Bonding windows and doors ● Surface bonding of HPL boards ● Surface bonding during partition and element manufacture ● Bonding hard and exotic timbers, For the construction of stairs ● High frequency bonding Advantages ● Suitable for veneers ● As a single component glue - ready for use● Suitable for hot and cold bonding
Properties of the Glue
Base : PVAC dispersion, Density at 20°C : approx. 1.10 g/cm³, pH-value : approx. 3
Colour of glue : white, Viscosity at 20ºC, sp. 6/20 rpm : 15,000 ± 3,000 mPa·s
Consistency : medium viscous Pot life : approx. 24 hrs with hardener added, Open Time (at 20°C) : 6-10 minutes Chalk point : approx. +5°C
Press times:
Joint bonding at 20°C from 15 min, Joint bonding (pre-heated) at 50°C from 5 min
Joint bonding at 80°C from 2 min
Surface bonding HPL boards at 20°C from 15 - 20 min
Surface bonding HPL boards at 50°C from 5 min
Surface bonding at 80°C from 1 - 2 min
Depending on the type of wood and the surface properties
OMR 31.500 
KLEIBERIT 303 28 KGS Water-Resistant PVAC Adhesive water resista
Window, Doors and Wood Bonding
Fields of application
● Bonding of windows and doors ● Surface bonding of HPL-boards ● Surface bonding of partitions and parts ● Stair construction ● Bonding of laminates ● Bonding of tenon and finger joints ● Bonding of hard and exotic timbers ● High frequency bonding ● Bonding in shipbuilding
● As single component glue - ready to use ● As two component glue - for highest demands ● Suitable for hot and cold bonding ● Short press times ● The composition of KLEIBERIT 303.0 complies with the FDA Guideline 21CFR § 175.105
Properties of the Glue
Base : PVAC dispersion, Density : approx. 1.10 g/cm³ , pH-value : approx. 3.0
Colour of the glue : white, Open time (at 20°C) : 6-10 minutes
spindle 6/20 rpm : 12,000 ± 2,000 mPa s, Pot life : approx. 24 hours with hardener
Open time (at 20°C) : 6-10 minutes (without hardener)
Consistency : medium viscosity, Viscosity at 20°C
spindle 6/20 rpm : 12,000 ± 2,000 mPa s, Chalk point : approx. +5°C
Application Temp. Press Time
Joint bonding 20°C from 15 minutes, Joint bonding (pre-heated) 50°C from 5 minutes
Joint bonding 80°C from 2 minutes ,
Surface bonding (HPL panels) 20°C 15-20 minutes
Surface bonding (HPL panels) 50°C approx. 5 minutes,
Surface bonding (HPL panels) 80°C 1-2 minutes


OMR 38.500 
Window, Doors and Wood Bonding

KLEIBERIT 501 is a single component
PUR adhesive for strong, gap-filling
bonds with high temperature resistance
according to DIN/EN 14257 (WATT 91)
and water resistance according to DIN/
EN 204 stress group D4.

Fileds of Application 

Bonding windows and doors, stairs, plywood to be used inside or outside (outsideuse with surface protection). Bonding mineral building boards, ceramic materials, concrete materials and hard foams.    

The surfaces to be bonded must be climatised, clean, dry and free from dust and grease. Release agents must be completely removed.

Viscosity at 20°C (mPa・s)
Open time (20 °C) approx. 25 min.
Minimum press time
60 min. (40°C) 30 min. (60°C) 10 min.
Curing time 2-3 hours


OMR 2.400